Jason Tindall became something of a meme last season.

The Newcastle United assistant manager certainly isn’t afraid of the limelight and ruffled a few feathers last time out.

Still, a change in the Premier League rules means ‘Mad Dog’ as he’s known cannot enter the technical area alongside Eddie Howe, with only one person allowed.

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Howe has already spoken on how the two will rotate but has now provided a new update on their plans when Newcastle get a free-kick.

Eddie Howe shares what Jason Tindall will now do when Newcastle get a free-kick

Indeed, it seems Tindall will be stepping into the technical area during corners and free-kicks, allowing Howe to move back and discuss things with the other members of staff.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Howe said: “We’ have been discussing how this is going to work and coming up with a plan that keeps things not affecting our performance and what we deliver for the players.

“The main change is not so much the players but more for us.

“Jason will step forward the majority of times for set-plays – corners and free-kicks. Then I’ll go back and have a chance to speak to my other staff as we are analysing loads of different things that are very high-paced. So we are dovetailing in and out and trying to take on as much information as we can.

“It’s a strange dynamic and can be petty at times when you are talking inches. We are just trying to do the best we can for our players. It was well managed by the fourth official. We dovetailed when we felt we needed to and it worked okay.”

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All about those little advantages

Jurgen Klopp has already been vocal about how the rule change would only impact Newcastle, such is the tendency of Howe and Tindall to stand together.

Now that can’t happen regularly, it is up to Howe and Tindal to devise a plan to try and gain any advantage, no matter how minimal it may be.

Newcastle retook the lead during Saturday’s huge win over Aston Villa by way of a set-piece routine, so the early evidence is that this new strategy can work, at least in part.

The duo have taken Newcastle so far already. Trusting the new process seems wise.

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