Newcastle United have once again taken over the internet after the success of Nick Pope Day, now it’s all about Eddie Howe’s right-hand man, Jason Tindall.

It has been suggested that Newcastle assistant manager Jason Tindall is a man desperate for the limelight and would stop at nothing to get his mug into a photo, so much so that a Twitter page was set up highlighting just how often Tindall outshines manager, Eddie Howe.

Newcastle fans could have taken it badly, but instead opted to amplify it even further making Tindall into an internet meme overnight.

Jason Tindall desperate to be centre of attention

Such is the power of NUFC Twitter, the phenomenon has now caught the attention of the media with Eddie Howe being asked about it in his media briefing. Sky Sports clipped the moment of him saying: “He’s a good looking guy so when people take pictures of him he gives off a good smile. He’s an energetic personality and definitely more extrovert than I am – that’s why we work well together but at his core he’s a serious coach and he wants to be successful.”

Howe then went on to add: “He has his roles and responsibilities and he does those very well. I’ve heard this Mad Dog nickname and to be fair we have started to call him that now so we have good fun in the coaches’ room about it.”

Aston Villa v Newcastle United - Premier League
Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

BT Sport, who are broadcasting today’s clash with Leeds have got in the act with a brilliant tweet advertising the game.

And our pre-season friendly opponents, Athtletic Bilbao also got in on the joke posting a good luck message to Newcastle showing Jason Tindall alongside their manager Ernesto Valverde.

The memes have been a good distraction ahead of Newcastle’s tough game

It’s brilliant when the internet takes a hold of things like this, but it’s even better when it’s Newcastle United themed. Nick Pope Day was an outstanding piece of work by Toon Polls, but I bet even he had no idea how out of control that would get.

For fans it has been a welcome distraction ahead of what is set to be a nervy affair at Elland Road this afternoon with Sam Allardyce‘s Leeds needing points to stay in the relegation fight and Newcastle also needing to bounce back after a home defeat.

I’m more nervous for this game than I was for last week’s clash with Arsenal. I went into that one with confidence despite them being a title-chasing side, but I’ve got a bad feeling about today, and I know I’m not alone.

Praise Tindall it all works out fine.

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