Rumours of former Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez going to Everton have caused quite a stir, with banners in protest emerging outside of Goodison Park.

It was reported on Wednesday night that the Spaniard was on the brink of becoming manager.

Sky Sports claimed that Benitez was Everton’s number one target, and he was close to being appointed.

Almost two days on and he is yet to be officially announced as manager.

Since the news broke, there has been quite the reaction from football fans.

Rafa Benitez is reportedly wanted as Everton manager.
(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United)

The banners are out – Benitez causes a commotion

There’s been despair from Newcastle supporters, as they prepare to see their former hero potentially mange someone else. Some even thought that it meant the takeover was off.

However, the Chronicle have reported that it does not change the state of play in terms of Mike Ashley selling the club.

As for the Everton fans, the reaction has been somewhat emphatic. They do not want the former Liverpool manager.

While he does have a fantastic CV, this is the man who won the Champions League with their biggest rivals. During his time at Anfield, he even called Everton a ‘small club’ for the way they played.

So it’s somewhat understandable that some Everton fans have reservations about the 61-year-old.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray’s reaction is arguably the best. The pair went on an impassioned rant about why Benitez shouldn’t get the job. They downplayed all of his achievements and implored the Everton owners to think again.

Rumours of a move to Everton for Benitez have caused quite a stir.
(Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images)

With the way they were going on, you’d think Everton were wanting to appoint Paul Chuckle.

While a lot of the negativity has been on Twitter, some Everton fans have gone one step further.


A pair of banners have been set up outside of Goodison Park, expressing their displeasure at the possibility of Benitez taking over.

We cannot show you pictures of all the banners here on our page due to the expletives in them.

One banner reads: ‘Benitez not welcome’.

You can imagine the rest.

Will Everton fans get the same treatment as Newcastle supporters?

The message is emphatic. However, we don’t know if this is representative of the entire fanbase. All it takes one bloke with some spray paint and a couple of spare bed sheet.

But will the Everton faithful be hounded by the media for not giving Benitez a fair chance?

Toon fans were vilified when Steve Bruce was appointed, constantly told they must give him a chance.

We did that. Then a run of two wins in 21 games proved we were right all along.

And Newcastle’s disappointment had nothing to do with Bruce managing Sunderland. It was because of his massively underwhelming CV.

Anti-Benitez banners have been pictured outside of Goodison Park, but will Everton fans get the same treatment as the Toon Army?
(Photo by Newcastle United/Newcastle United via Getty Images)

In comparison, Benitez has a fantastic CV. He’s won trophies all over Europe.

With the amount of backlash, it would now be surprising to see him take over as Everton manager.

But will there be consistency from the media in criticising Everton fans like they did Newcastle?

Perhaps Rio Ferdinand can tell the Toffees faithful to buy their own club and pick their own manager if they’re so unhappy.

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