Newcastle fans were fuming over reports that Steve Bruce is under consideration for the vacant manager’s job, but it has nothing to do with him being a former Sunderland manager.

The amount of Tweets and comments I have read claiming that Toon fans are furious at the prospect of an ex-Black Cats boss taking over at St James’ Park are numerous.

They are right, fans are very unhappy at the thought – but not because of the Sunderland aspect. It is because of the fact that he is a very poor manager at the top level.

His points per game average since the 2001/2002 season is a meagre 1.49, and a win percentage of just 38.6 – and that included his decent spell at Sheffield Wednesday last season

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Those are the reasons fans are furious at the prospect of him sitting in the Newcastle dugout next season.

He was sacked from Sunderland in November 2011, where he had won just 30 per cent of his games, which provides further evidence of why he is simply not a good top flight manager.

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Lee Charnley proving fans right who question his football knowledge

Fans who question the football nous of Lee Charnley are being given more ammunition by these rumours.

Being a Newcastle fan does not make him the right man to manage the club, so just what is it about him that makes Ashley’s lackey think he would be a success, or good appointment?

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And while we are on the subject of inaccurate reporting, can national journalists please stop calling him ‘Newcastle-born’ Steve Bruce. He is not. He is Corbridge-born.

It is again misrepresenting the story to the national audience, when the content they are spouting is simply not accurate.

Toon fans are resigned to not getting the progressive, ambitious appointment they were hoping for – unless a takeover happens – but even so, Steve Bruce is possibly the worst choice they could go for.

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