O'Hara claims Newcastle defender Trippier can stop Mbappe at the World Cup
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O'Hara claims Newcastle defender Trippier can stop Mbappe at the World Cup

England could end up facing France at the World Cup, and TalkSPORT pundit Jamie O’Hara thinks Newcastle’s Kieran Trippier has what it takes to stop Kylian Mbappe.

The Three Lions started their tournament in impressive fashion, beating Iran 6-2. Reigning champions France also kicked off with a victory, but had to come from behind to win 4-1 against Australia.

Other big guns have struggled, with Argentina and Germany on the end of embarrassing defeats to Saudi Arabia and Japan respectively.

Those results combined with England’s performance has raised the mood, with some supporters starting to get carried away.

O’Hara has done exactly that on TalkSPORT, and believes our right-back Trippier has what it takes to keep the world’s best player Mbappe out of the game if we end up facing France.

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O’Hara backs Trippier to stop Mbappe

The former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder has been speaking on TalkSPORT, and explained why he isn’t scared of England facing anyone at the World Cup – not even France.

“I’ve watched the other teams play now, I’m not scared,” O’Hara said.

“I’m not worried about anyone. France maybe look okay with Mbappe.

“But I think we’ll play France in the quarter final, that’s where I see it. We play France in a quarter final – alright, Giroud’s a good player. But we know how to deal with him, he’s been in the Premier League along time.

“Mbappe is the one you’ve got to stop. Trippier and Kyle Walker, you play a back three with Tripps, Kyle Walker as the right side of the three – he ain’t getting a kick.”

Let’s get carried away…

Us Geordies love Trippier, but come on. To say he would keep the world’s best player in Mbappe quiet for 90 minutes is absurd.

It would be a great battle, but the speed and dribbling ability of the Frenchman would surely see him get the better of the 32-year-old at least once.

England will have a solid righthand side if they deploy Trippier and Walker, but it is still vulnerable.

The way O’Hara is going on is a bit embarrassing, as he effortlessly sets himself up for a fall. It’s been one game, and we beat Iran. Sure, other teams have struggled, but it’s only one game.

This level of arrogance from an England perspective is painful to witness. And it will likely end with O’Hara getting egg on his face.

But if he is proven wrong, don’t be surprised to see TalkSPORT completely contradict themselves and condemn the England players they were once hailing as the best around.

Can Trippier stop Mbappe? I don’t know. But there’s certainly no way that he would keep him out the game completely, with all due respect to the Toon defender.

In reality, England face USA on Friday night, in what is just their second group game. So O’Hara’s fantasy talk of a fictional quarter final against France is farcical.

We might not end up even seeing Trippier vs Mbappe!