Carla DiBello opens up on the Newcastle takeover
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Carla DiBello opens up on the Newcastle takeover

When talk of Carla DiBello and the Newcastle United takeover first emerged, there was confusion.

The deal was still in it’s infancy, with news breaking of PIF’s desire to buy the Magpies in January 2020.

A few days later, a report emerged from Bloomberg stating that DiBello was involved with the takeover. They stated that she was working with Amanda Staveley and PIF to try and buy the club from Mike Ashley.

At the time, it was all very strange. Newcastle fans had been stung before by takeover sagas, and the alleged return of Staveley provided more questions than answers.

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Then throwing DiBello into the mix made things even stranger. This is a woman who is known for her friendship with Kim Kardashian – one of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

We thought we’d seen it all, but this was only the beginning of a lengthy takeover saga that finally had a happy ending.

The deal went through in October, and the 37-year-old has spoken on a podcast about her involvement.

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What has Carla DiBello said about the Newcastle takeover?

“I am very excited about that deal,” she told the Mo Show Podcast.

“I was involved. I will say, the majority of my business has been bringing companies together, bringing groups together.

“I know Saudi have been looking at a lot different of investments. And what an exciting opportunity to be able to have a Premier League team. It’s a very strong club with rich history, looking forward to the future.”

DiBello may have been pivotal for the consortium

The consortium that bought Newcastle is made up of three strands – PIF who own 80%, PCP Capital Partners who own 10%, and RB Sports and Media who own 10%.

The multiple members of the consortium have made things difficult since the £305million takeover. Each will have their own ideas, meaning it takes longer to make decisions. But as long as it’s the right decision, does it matter?

DiBello’s comments suggest that she was involved in getting the parties together. In essence, the deal might not have been possible without her.

Staveley tried and failed to buy the club previously, but this time she is working with the financial muscle of PIF. That appears to have been the gamechanger for PCP.

Would PIF and Staveley have came together without DiBello? Possibly not. She has worked a lot in Saudi Arabia, and spoke about PIF’s investment plans.

DiBello recently attended a Newcastle game, watching Eddie Howe’s Magpies lose 2-0 to Arsenal at the Emirates.

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