Much has been said about the prospects of a takeover at Newcastle, and why none has materialised over the last couple of years, despite numerous talk of bids and negotiations.

That talk went into overdrive during the summer, with the news of the alleged Bin Zayed Group bid, and their self-proclaimed agreement with Mike Ashley over a deal.

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That, of course, appeared to be nothing more than a high-level publicity stunt, at the expense of the Newcastle fans who, frankly, deserve better than to be used in such a derogatory way.

It was highlighted by the Chronicle that the main obstacle to a deal is Ashley’s asking price, and apparent refusal to budge from it.

The £350 million he is reportedly asking for, is a lot of money, and while the club are entrenched in the lower echelons of the Premier League, flirting with the relegation zone, he is unlikely to ever receive it.

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Which is why – whether fans wanted him or not – Steve Bruce is crucial to Newcastle being bought in the relatively near future.


No one will pay huge amounts for a club in danger of relegation

Only when Newcastle are seen as a stable top flight club, will anyone even consider paying the asking price to buy it.

Which means, Bruce being able to cement Newcastle in the mid-table positions, well away from the bottom three, is imperative to any hopes of a new owner coming in.

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Even if he was to get the side there before Christmas, it is unlikely to encourage would-be buyers. He may need to repeat the achievement for the whole season next year, and maybe even the year after that.

Only then may the rich and powerful be convinced that Newcastle are an investment unlikely to see their value plummet by dropping into the Championship.

Which is why the fans – even those who choose to protest or boycott – should have a vested interest in Bruce being some sort of success at the club. The future sale we all crave may well depend upon it.

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