Different name, same disrespect - BZG takeover saga was unfair to Newcastle fans

Different name, same disrespect - BZG takeover saga was unfair to Newcastle fans

With the new season underway, and Newcastle’s summer of sagas now resigned to the history books, one issue should stick in the throats of every fan of our famous club.

The alleged Newcastle takeover by the Bin Zayed Group (BZG) never materialised, and in all honesty, looking back, fans desperate for change were hoodwinked into believing it, by an organisation that played them disgracefully.

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Their public courting of a fan-base they knew would buy into their assurances that they were the saviour of their football club, had fans dreaming of what could be.

Fans who are so anxious to be rid of Mike Ashley, they would be gullible enough to not see the wood for the trees.

The disrespect shown to the fans by BZG was no different to that shown by the current owner, which is one of the main reasons the fans despise him so much.

To pull on the heartstrings of thousands of fans, was shameful, and unforgivable.

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“Terms have been agreed,” they said.

“The proof of funds statement was forwarded to Mike Ashley’s lawyers,” they claimed.

“We have completed every aspect required in a takeover process,” they asserted – through a Dubai-based journalist.

That last statement should have had alarm bells ringing for Toon fans. What company or organisation would release official statements through a radio host’s Twitter account?

But Newcastle fans’ wont for change is so great, we overlooked the warning signs. We wanted it to be true so badly, we weren’t seeing what was right in front of us – that this whole saga could be a charade.

Newcastle fans should learn from this summer’s saga

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We must never allow ourselves to be put in this situation again.

We must never get caught up in the frenzy of believing takeover talk is true, just because we want it to be.

We must never get our hopes up like that, only to have them dashed so cruelly again.

But we will.

It was like that with Amanda Staveley. It was like that with Peter Kenyon. And it will be like that with the next one.

Because fans have no other hope to cling onto, other than one of these days, the speculation will be true.

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In hindsight, we should all have listened to what the experts were telling us. These deals are not done in public; they are done quietly, behind closed doors.

But after more than a decade of hoping for change, fans are at the point where the mere anticipation of it will see excitement levels go through the roof.

In the case of BZG, it may prove to be a bullet-dodged, but that does not excuse their shameful treatment of a whole fan-base.

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