Make no mistake about it, Newcastle United are in desperate trouble, long before a ball is kicked, and Aston Villa signing Wesley has only compounded things.

Allegedly in pole position to sign the player, with him reported to have spoken to us, quite how we have managed to miss out on him is unfathomable – or is it?

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Sadly, it is quite easily explained – Newcastle are a shambles of a club right now.

The fans know it. The media know it. Rival clubs know it. Players and agents know it.

So an agent has the chance for their player to sign for Newcastle: a club that cannot secure their manager to a deal; will not admit if they are in talks to sell the club; have seemingly put all transfer business on hold as we lie in stasis; and will not make a single comment to calm the whole atmosphere around the club.

They also have Aston Villa bidding: a club that is bubbling after promotion; looking to re-establish themselves in the Premier League; putting words into action by bidding for their target; making the player feel wanted.

Who would that player sign for? It certainly would not be us!

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Newcastle hierarchy is becoming an embarrassment

The club seems to be quickly becoming an absolute joke.

I am never ashamed to be a Newcastle supporter, but I am ashamed of my club, or at least, those who run it.

No disrespect to Aston Villa, who have after all won the European Cup in their history, but we should not be losing out to a club like them in the race for players.

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That Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley are happy to watch the world go by, while the club sinks faster than boat with a hole in the floor, should let fans know how they feel about this great football club of ours.

They may say nothing, but their silence speaks volumes.

For the club to then drop in the news that season ticket renewals are due, and prices are increasing, among all this chaos and worry, is outrageous, yet typical of a club hierarchy that seems to care only about themselves.

How much longer must we, the fans, endure this tortuous regime?

The only hope we have, is that the doubting reports are wrong, and that new owners will come in as soon as possible.

If that doesn’t happen, we are a relegation waiting to happen.

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