Simon Jordan has not taken kindly to Newcastle United fans criticising TalkSPORT’s interview with Steve Bruce on Monday morning.

The Toon boss appeared on the radio days after the triumph over Leicester, and quickly undid all his good work with his comments.

It was hardly a pressing interview. Bruce was ‘questioned’ by Jim White, Danny Murphy and Jordan – three men who have championed the current Newcastle manager.

Bruce wasn’t put to task for his side’s form, that saw him win just two games in 21 between December and March. The only criticism he got was for his dodgy telephone line.

Leicester City v Newcastle United - Premier League
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Newcastle fans were very angry after the interview. Bruce fell into the trap of going along with the media myth that Newcastle fans expect too much.

“It is difficult managing the expectation that is still here,” he said.

But while sadly we haven’t won the World Cup this year or broke the world transfer record, at least Brucey has delivered another season of Premier League football.

He’s done his job, and will probably be bruised from all the pats on the back he’s getting.

Jordan goes in on Toon fans

One day after the Bruce interview, Jordan has responded to the criticism.

“Some of these fans are just mouthy little cowards,” Jordan said.

He then went on to add: “Piling in with abuse is mindless.”


Pot, kettle, black.

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The angry Jordan continued: “There’s a way to be critical and I listen to the Newcastle fans and in the end you start to get to listen to this vociferous minority and think ‘I don’t like you very much and I’m beginning to dislike your club’.”

Toon fans far and wide will be holding back the tears. It’s devastating. Simon Jordan is starting not to like Newcastle. How ever will we cope?

The ignorance from some pundits is frightening. There willingness to ignore facts and performances to protect their narrative is embarrassing.

Bruce has a lot of friends in the media. But that shouldn’t excuse him from criticism.

Newcastle have been wretched most of the season. Even at the start of the campaign when results were okay, the performances were appallling.

Eventually the terrible performances led to terrible results, putting Newcastle on a run of two wins in 21 games.

West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United - Premier League
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But Newcastle turned a corner after the Brighton game, and are now safe from relegation.

There was a resurgence from Bruce’s side, but there was also a failure from Fulham to put us under any real pressure.

Newcastle are safe, but that is not success. Newcastle fans don’t expect to be winning cups every year. We expect to see some ambition or maybe even a bit of entertainment.

But apparently that’s too much to ask.

Jordan is starting to dislike Newcastle. Pour some out…

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