After all the upheaval and fan discontent in the summer, Wor Flags announced they would not put on further displays until Mike Ashley left, but might their stance change?

A fan asked them to return on Twitter on Monday, and the group responded by asking fellow fans for their thoughts on whether or not they should make a comeback.

It prompted a very mixed reaction, with arguments both for and against a return being made, depending on what side of the fence fans currently sit on.

There is no doubt the magnificent pre-match displays have been a huge miss for fans, while also certainly having a detrimental effect on the atmosphere.

It has also made the whole pre-game build up less intimidating for visiting teams, as they do not seem to come out to the cauldron of noise, and look up to the wall of Newcastle banners facing them.

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But, of course, that was the point of them withdrawing the displays to begin with.

The feeling among fans arguing against a return, is so the club realise what they had, and what they are missing without them.

Has anything changed since the summer?

Their argument is also that nothing has really changed in the time between Wor Flags’ announcement, and now. Yes the club is on the fringe of the top half of the table, but that was not the major concern for any of the protestors.

The lack of ambition at the club; their handling of the Rafa Benitez affair; and Mike Ashley remaining at the club. They were the motivations behind their decision.

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So in that respect, maybe they should continue to boycott.

But on the other hand, do we want Newcastle to be a club free of the threat of relegation, in the hope it will make them a more viable proposition for potential new owners?

If the answer to that question is yes, then there is a very good argument for them returning, and helping make Newcastle an intimidating place for opposition teams to visit again.

So there are arguments for both, and it is not an easy position for Wor Flags to be in. So whatever they decide, they should be supported completely by fans, whether they agree with their decision or not.


Here are a selection of the responses to Wor Flags’ tweet:

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