After the initial flurry of statements and comments from the Bin Zayed Group (BZG) about a takeover of Newcastle United, things have grown eerily quiet.

It was quite unusual for such open comments from a potential buyer, with deals like this usually done below the radar of public scrutiny, but it certainly had fans excited.

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But having been so vocal, it has made the subsequent lack of any news whatsoever seem ominous, prompting fans to worry that Mike Ashley will remain at the club.

The Shields Gazette have claimed that a statement will be coming from BZG this week, and a United Arab Emirates radio host is also insisting that fans will hear something imminently.

But as yet, nothing has happened.

So what could the continued silence tell us about any takeover?

Well, there are two ways of looking at it, and depending on your outlook, it is very much a good news, bad news scenario.

Non-Disclosure Agreements could prevent public comment

As part of the process, which has various stages, there is likely to have been a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed.

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These confidentiality clauses are designed to prevent the release of information regarding the negotiations, and also stop other prospective investors from finding out information in regard to any rival bid.

If an NDA is in place, it would be quite normal for the negotiations to be done privately, and for any completion to be close before anything is made public.


The difference in this case, is that BZG went very public from the outset, and consequently, fans will have assumed that it would continue to play out that way.

Because it hasn’t, pessimism and doubt lingers.

But that does not mean a deal is dead, it could mean that talks are continuing behind closed doors. Fans will have their fingers crossed, hoping that is the case.

Any deal has collapsed or was never genuine in the first place

In complete contrast to the previous hypothesis, some fans have always maintained the vociferous intitial claims had them doubting the legitimacy of a deal.

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Because of the reasons mentioned earlier, it is highly unusual for public statements to be made from a prospective buyer of a football club, or a big company in general.

To some, the whole saga is seen as nothing more than a huge publicity stunt, aimed at raising the profile of the Middle Eastern billionaire behind the alleged bid, Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nehayan.

The counter argument is why would a successful businessman worth vast amounts of money, need to promote himself in a way that would lose him credibility if it turned out to be untrue?

But many fans and journalists alike, have dampened hopes and expectations, constantly downplaying the belief that a takeover will occur.

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Of course, added to the curiosity and confusion, is the lack of any comment confirming or denying a deal, or talks about one, from the football club itself.

They have been quick to dismiss speculation about previous deals, but their reluctance to do so this time, has left fans up in the air.

Time will tell what happens, but never has an official update or positive outcome been needed as much as it is right now.

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