The Bin Zayed Group released their latest statement on the drawn out saga that is their supposed bid to buy Newcastle, but the only word that unites the reactions to it from fans, is confusion.

The vague statement, via UAE radio host Peter Redding, and reported by the Shields Gazette, claimed “both parties have worked diligently on finalising a deal” and claimed they have “completed every aspect required in a takeover process”.

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It also said reports saying no bid or Premier League approval processes have taken place are “simply untrue”.

It ends with “if a deal is not forthcoming, it will not be due to lack of effort from both parties”, which seems to be a call for calm heads with fans’ expectations bound to soar in the hope of a deal going through.

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But in reality, the ‘update’ provides us with nothing concrete, and fans hoping to see clarity are looking through windows which are more steamed up than they were before.

A Newcastle statement would help clarify the situation

What would undoubtedly help matters, is comment from the football club, and some sort of official, on the record confirmation that talks are ongoing, or bogus.

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As usual, the fans’ feelings are the last to be considered, and if Mike Ashley’s time at St James’ Park could be summed up, lack of communication with the media and taking fans for granted would be the two most prominent things.

Fans’ confusion is clear from the social media reaction to the comments, with most not knowing whether to raise a glass in celebration, or drown their sorrows.

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