At one time, news of German legend Thomas Muller considering his Bayern Munich future would have had Newcastle fans clamouring for the striker to come and sign.

He would have been seen as a marquee signing, who would excite fans, and hopefully help to propel Newcastle to the next level.

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The 30-year-old, 100-capped German star told Kicker the signing of Philippe Coutinho has increased competition for his position, which has seen Muller out of the starting lineup for the last five games.

Muller said of his plans: “If the coaching team only sees me in the role of substitute player in the future, I have to think about it. I’m just too ambitious for that.”

Under Freddy Shepherd, hearing that from a player of his calibre would have had him looking at a deal to bring him to Tyneside.

He is the type of player who would sell shirts and match tickets, while making a worthwhile contribution, and that would be the former chairman’s thinking.

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But it is a different story under Mike Ashley, who would never consider a deal for someone like Muller, given that he is 30 and on a big salary, regardless of the fact that he is still streets ahead of the players we have now.

Putting the age aspect aside, he is exactly the type of player Newcastle are crying out for, if Ashley would change his way of thinking.

A striker who prefers to play off a target man, he would get the best out of Joelinton, and give Newcastle a two-pronged genuine goal-scoring threat.


Fans hear of the availability of players like Muller, who would likely attract a fee of between £30-40 million, and not even put him and Newcastle in the same sentence anymore.

There is some benefit to making a marquee signing of an experienced player

(Photo by Pressefoto Ulmerullstein bild via Getty Images)

While I agree in many ways with Newcastle now not being taken for a ride by mercenary players – such as the Michael Owen fiasco – sometimes a 30-year-old star can have a good few years left.

Someone like Muller, for example, would offer so much more to Newcastle than just the two or three years of appearances they would get from him.

Imagine being an Elias Sorensen or Luke Charman, and being able to learn and be advised by a world superstar like Muller? It would be invaluable to their careers.

Even Joelinton, or Miguel Almiron would benefit from his knowledge and wisdom of the game.

Sadly, it is never likely to happen under the current regime, as largely untried and untested youngsters is seen as the way forward for Newcastle.

If only Ashley could see the benefits of having a mixture of both veteran experience and exuberance of youth, Newcastle could finally get somewhere.

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