Just over a week on from the frenzy of speculation about the potential takeover of Newcastle United, things have quietened down somewhat.

So now that the dust has settled, and we are still without any word – confirmatory or dismissive – from the club itself, just where do we stand right now?

The true answer is – no one truly knows.

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Until an official, on-the-record comment is issued from St James’ Park or Mike Ashley himself, it is all open to conjecture.

Last week’s public statements from the Bin Zayed Group (BZG) claiming a deal is agreed, documents signed and Premier League processes underway, have been replaced by stony silence this week.

Some fans are worried their worst nightmare has come to pass, and that a buyout was never as far down the line as they thought, and no deal will occur.

The journalist that broke the story is still adamant that a deal is happening, and has been discussing it with fans on Twitter this week.

But in actual fact, as much as seeing a potential deal played out in public was exciting for fans, the lack of news this week is actually the norm for business takeovers like this.

No news really could be good news in this case

In my mind, the current lack of noise is good news.

If non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have been signed, and the Premier League’s fit-and-proper-owner process has begun, then this is exactly as it should be.

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Non-disclosure means exactly that.


In fact, BZG have played a bit of a blinder, in my opinion.

They created the media circus last week. They made all the right overtures to the fan-base. They made it known they were serious, what they were planning, what the state of play was, and what is happening next.

They, effectively, laid down a marker, and have – in many ways – seemed to back Newcastle United into a corner.

To a lot of fans and media, by not making any public comment, the club have actually made the biggest statement of all.

By not issuing a dismissal of their claims, and simply straight-batting all questions with a “no comment”, they have continued to fuel the speculation of legitimacy of the BZG claims.

It could also be likely that the group have been instructed by Newcastle United or Ashley’s legal teams to cease any public comment to avoid being in breach of any NDA in place.

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If that is the case, again, the group appear to have out-foxed the club, by getting their statements out beforehand.

So, to me, it is: BZG 1 Newcastle United 0.

Of course, time will tell if the deal actually goes through, or if it becomes the latest in a string of high-profile what-might-have-beens for fans.

Like everything seems to be at Newcastle United, it is a game of cat and mouse, and guess-work, with a distinct lack of communication between club and fans just how it is nowadays.

But like virtually every other fan of a black and white persuasion, I will be clock-watching for the next few days or weeks, and eagerly awaiting the next development in the soap opera that is Newcastle United.

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