Andy Goldstein, television presenter and radio host, used his show on TalkSport to give an impassioned plea for Mike Ashley to sell Newcastle United and give the fans their club back.

I have never been a huge fan of TalkSport, to the extent that I refused to appear on their station for an interview when an open letter I had written went viral.

Despite their numerous messages, emails and phone calls, I would not let them use me to promote their – what I saw as – anti-Newcastle fan agenda.

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So when I saw another Newcastle clip from their station on social media, I was dubious about listening to it, but was glad I did.

Andy, discussing Rafa Benitez, claimed he was “always going to go” and said “Mike Ashley is the problem at the football club”, adding that he feels for Newcastle fans.

He then urged Ashley to “just sell the club” saying that he is obviously not going to get the price he wants for it, or he would haf “flogged it” already.

He went on to say that Ashley is “ruining” the club and said it is “not his club”, although technically on paper it is, but it is “the fans’ club”.

It is nice to hear someone see it from the fans’ side of the fence

How refreshing it is to hear someone who actually ‘gets it’. He knows what the fans are going through, and understands the position we find ourselves in.

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If only more people on national radio and television would have the courage to publicly come out and say it as it is, instead of pandering to keep the club happy, the message may get across to people who think Newcastle fans see themselves as entitled.

Fans deserve to have their side listened to, but too often they are not given the airtime or platform to do so.

Thankfully, there are broadcast journalists and presenters like Goldstein, who will give our fans a voice and get the message out on our behalf.

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