So it turns out Michael Owen and Alan Shearer don’t like each other…

Owen’s got a book coming out where he talks a lot about his time at Newcastle. He discusses the size of Newcastle United and the fans being deluded, yet he’s the one trying to hype his book on the back of the club’s name.

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Shearer got himself involved, having a pop at Owen for his time with the Magpies. He tweeted: “Yes Michael, we thought that also, whilst on £120k a week” alongside a video where Owen discusses not being able to wait to retire.

As expected, Owen bit back, and in a big way. He had the audacity to question Shearer’s loyalty to Newcastle, telling a tale about how he wanted to leave for Liverpool after being benched by Sir Bobby Robson.

This wasn’t the case, as Luke Edwards pointed out.


So for one, Owen was wrong. But also, who on earth is Michael Owen to talk about loyalty?

The striker grew up as an Everton fan but spent the best years of his career as a Liverpool player. You know, Liverpool who are Everton’s biggest rivals…

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Then after leaving Newcastle, the club he didn’t want to sign for in the first place, he joined Manchester United. That’s the club that are arguably even bigger rivals to Liverpool.

In contrast, Alan Shearer turned down the chance to play for Manchester United in favour of joining boyhood club Newcastle, and he stayed there for the rest of his career.

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Owen can think what he wants about Newcastle. All he’s done is make himself even more unlikable, which was pretty hard to begin with.

Loyalty is hard to come by in football nowadays, and for some it’s never existed. Michael Owen is a prime example.

Good luck with the book, Michael. We certainly won’t be buying it.

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