Newcastle unveiled Steve Bruce as their new manager on Wednesday, but they did it in a way that allowed them to maintain their ludicrous summer communication blackout.

They made the announcement confirming the appointment during the build up to the first game of the Premier League Asia Trophy, allowing them to forego the usual unveiling press conference.

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It was another shameful example of Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley doing anything to avoid speaking on the important issues that fans have been demanding answers to.

Other than a few scripted lines on the club’s official website, Charnley has not uttered a single word in public about Bruce, Rafa Benitez’s departure, or the takeover speculation.

The issues have dominated the summer for fans, and a refusal to utter any official statement on the takeover has left fans not knowing what to think.

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With Rafa’s departure, and a new manager inserted, those issues have been largely put to bed – albeit questions remain about both – it is only the takeover situation that is still outstanding.

Newcastle officials could, and should, have updated fans on the takeover speculation

The fact they have quickly dismissed reports of alleged interest in buying the football club in the past, and a refusal to do so this time, led many fans to get carried away thinking it could actually be true this time.


While the Bin Zayed Group were making public overtures to fans, and claiming a deal was agreed, Charnley, Ashley and Co. all remained silent.

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They would be fully aware that fans were clamouring for information, and starting to dream of a bright future, yet those in a position to temper expectations elected to say nothing.

Instead, they allowed fans to be, seemingly, led down the garden path, only to slowly, and painfully, realise that new owners are unlikely to arrive.

It was a cruel, unfair and disrespectful way to treat the very people they expect to buy season tickets, individual match tickets and merchandise.

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They could have nipped it in the bud from the outset, but allowed the situation to snowball, while refusing to give fans the dignity of any sort of response.

The worst thing about it all, is how sadly predictable it is for Newcastle fans to be treated with such contempt by the current regime.

While still no official word has been issued, it has slowly dawned on fans, that by paying compensation for a manager and giving him a three year contract, a takeover seems as far away now, as it has on the numerous other times it has been mooted.

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