Fans went from the high of a prospective wealthy Middle Eastern owner, to the lows of a Rafa-less Newcastle under the continuing control of Mike Ashley, during a frustrating summer.

With the Bin Zayed Group (BZG) promising the world, and providing nothing, it will be hard for fans to truly believe any new takeover claims that may emerge in the future.

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But the Chronicle’s Lee Ryder claimed on Wednesday that the club is “still for sale”, and it would be “a deal that can be done quickly for those who have the funds”.

Supporters quickly losing hope of any deal ever being done, will hope his words come to fruition, but after the BZG saga, it will be a case of believing it when they see it.

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What has been overlooked by many after the alleged BZG fiasco faded into oblivion, is the claim that there were at least two other very interested parties vying to buy Newcastle.

What happened to them?


Were there really other interested parties in the summer?

Everything was about BZG, while the other groups supposedly got on with working on a deal in the background.

So were they ever interested? Did they really exist? How is it that potentially three interested parties were keen on buying the club at a well publicised asking price, yet none of them could get a deal done?

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Assuming the added interest was genuine, the only answer I, or other fans, could possibly come up with, is that contrary to public utterances, Mike Ashley is not a willing seller.

It is the only logical answer to why so many groups and individuals have come and gone when it comes to taking over the football club.

We can always hope it is not the case, and a deal is waiting just round the corner, out of the public gaze. But that seems unlikely to a sceptical fan-base who are slowly giving up hope.

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