Michael Owen has used Newcastle United, its fans and legend Alan Shearer to try to sell a few extra copies of his autobiography, with excerpts from it being published in newspapers.

The striker, seen as a mercenary by many, after the striker was often injured and appeared to lack interest in playing for the club, has intimated that fans are deluded and Newcastle is not a big club.

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And yet, Owen, despite claiming he did not really want to sign, was quite happy to pick up his huge salary from the Magpies every week, something that has been mentioned by Alan Shearer on Twitter.

Owen and Shearer have been embroiled in a feud that had lasted for years, over the BT Sport ‘pundit’s spell at the club while the local hero was manager.

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That feud has intensified in light of Owen’s explosive comments, and has seen a back and forth between the pair on Twitter.

Shearer hit out at Owen’s comments when the former Liverpool striker said that he did not want to move to Newcastle, with a one line tweet that said: “Yes Michael, we thought that also, whilst on £120k a week…..”

It prompted a sharp reply from Owen, who is trying to discredit Shearer, and his loyalty to Newcastle, when he said: “Not sure you are as loyal to Newcastle as you make out mate. I distinctly remember you being inches away from signing for Liverpool after Sir Bobby Robson put you on the bench. You tried everything to get out.”

It has led leading football journalist Henry Winter to comment on the “sad” exchange which “demeans Newcastle”.

Alan Shearer has Newcastle fans on his side

It is not difficult to guess who the Newcastle fan-base will back, but inwardly, Owen will be lapping it all up, with it only doing more to promote his book.


I would not have thought book shops in the Tyneside region will need to order too many copies, as they will more than likely be left on the shelves.

Here are some of the fans’ responses to Shearer’s remark:

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