Local sports memorabilia shop The Back Page announced on Tuesday they would not be selling copies of the Michael Owen autobiography – a first for them in their 16 years of retailing.

The decision was made due to the nature of the comments towards Newcastle United, the fan-base and legend Alan Shearer.

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The comments have been well publicised, and as mentioned in a previous article, we will not be giving them any further line space in our articles.

It would be hoped that other retailers follow The Back Page’s lead, although many of the bigger bookstores are tied to what the company bosses do.

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But for other local, independent shops, it would be hoped that they would withdraw putting the book on their shelves, which is not likely to set any world records for sales in the region.

Could Michael Owen’s book reunite Newcastle fans?

At a time when there is animosity between the football club and its fans, and even among various members of the fan-base itself, something like the Michael Owen situation bizarrely helps to bring them all together.

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It may be a catalyst to helping reunite the fans behind a common cause, and nothing will have everyone singing from the same hymn-sheet more than someone having a pop at the football club, or the support itself.

Fans were quick to voice their support for The Back Page’s stance, and we have included a few of their responses.

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