Newcastle United are supposedly still up for sale, with the past weekend seeing more stories emerge about a potential sale that could have happened, but did not.

Bob Ratcliffe, brother of billionaire Jim and chief executive at INEOS Football, suggested the company considered buying Newcastle, before taking over at Ligue 1 club Nice instead.

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The Mail Online report he told BBC 5 Live’s Sportsweek show that it was, ultimately, the valuation placed on Newcastle that scuppered any thoughts of a realistic deal.

It is a prime example of why Newcastle are ‘for sale’ in name only, and as long as Mike Ashley continues to demand a ridiculously high price for a club that – let’s be honest here – are a relegation candidate every season, a change of ownership is always unlikely.

Fans are fed up of hearing about a deal that has broken down, or who wanted to buy us but opted against it, or who may be interested in a deal, but never actually put their money where their mouths were.

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If there is one thing this summer taught us, it is never to fall for ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ again.

The Bin Zayed Group seemed to have taken us all for fools with their claims, and we, the fans, were all so desperate for it to be true, we could not see the wood for the trees.

It will be hard to believe any Newcastle takeover stories in future

It is time to stop reporting on what might have been, and only report on any potential deal when it is actually happening.


The regional media took a lot of stick from fans for not reporting on ‘official statements’ being put out by self-proclaimed intermediaries on social media.

But they were right not to comment on it, as it transpired the statements seemed to be mere guff and bluster.

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Personally, I do not want to know who failed to buy us, or thought about bidding. The fact is, Ashley is still here, and no new pretender to the throne has materialised.

I want him out, like most fans. But it is frustrating and agonising to continually have our noses rubbed in it, by hearing about all the people who could have bought us.

No more.

We have been bitten once too often from unsubstantiated rumours, and I for one, am only interested in hearing the words ‘Newcastle takeover’ when it is accompanied by ‘has been completed’.

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