Oh how things have changed in North East football.

Last season, Newcastle were in the Championship while Sunderland were still swimming with the Premier League sharks having relegated their rivals the previous season.

One year on, and the Magpies are on course for Premier League survival and sitting in the top half, while the Black Cats are staring back-to-back relegations in the face as League One beckons.

With their relegation to the third tier of English football looming, a lot of Newcastle fans have been taking joy in their local rivals’ demise, even wanting to go and watch their relegation happen firsthand.

Unfortunately for those fans, Sunderland have taken measures to avoid this happening and any potential crowd unrest, by ensuring that no cash turnstiles will be available for their upcoming fixtures.

Newcastle’s official Twitter account bit back though, poking fun at Sunderland’s decision by stating there will be ‘no cash turnstiles’ for the sold out game against Arsenal this weekend either.

While Sunderland fans may still sing about ‘six in a row’ and the likes, should Newcastle fans concern themselves with things like this, or will the biggest insult to their rivals be to ignore them completely?

Chris Coleman recently stated that Geordies will want Sunderland back in the top flight because they will miss the derby, but I think it’s fair to say that the majority will disagree, and have enjoyed watching the Black Cats slide down the divisions as Newcastle grow stronger and stronger.

Sunderland are going down and the Mags are staying up…

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