After a week of relative silence from the Middle East, the weekend saw a further update on the situation regarding the Bin Zayed Group’s (BZG) bid to buy Newcastle.

Well, they say ‘update’ but really, it was nothing other than further speculation.

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All we really had, was a reply to a fan’s tweet from the reporter who broke the story, and no actual quotes from anyone associated with the ‘bid’. Hardly earth shattering revelations!

So where do we stand following the latest ‘big news’? Exactly the same place as we were before.

Fans are rightly hesitant and largely unconvinced that a deal will actually go through, and any mention of an update has them clamouring for information.

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Added to the mix is the Chronicle reporting that a change of strategy has been put in place by the BZG – namely, replacing public comments with a quieter approach going forward, which, in all honesty, was always likely to be the case, as is the norm in big negotiations like this.

The result is, unfortunately, that Newcastle fans know nothing more today, than they did last Monday.

Worried fans need definite news not more speculation

The constant dressing up of conjecture as an update is somewhat misleading and does not help the air of nervousness that is building across Tyneside.


The BZG public comments were very deliberate, in my opinion, and were made as an opening salvo to convince fans they were real, and to get them onside early, in the hope of them backing Mike Ashley into a corner going forward.

Job done, in that respect then.

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Due to the confidentiality of talks subsequently, there was never going to be a raft of comments made in public over the long-term.

The best thing that can happen is to let the possible takeover look after itself, and the football club get on with the real task in hand – securing Rafa Benitez to an extension immediately.

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If the club know more about what is going on behind the scenes, they are almost certainly letting Rafa know about it, which is the most likely reason for the delay in any movement regarding his contract.

We have all been here with takeover rumours before, and they have never ended well.

Maybe this time will be different. But until we know anything more definitive than a reporter’s tweet to back up his initial story, I will stay on the nervously anticipating side of the fence.


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