After the noise from the Bin Zayed Group (BZG) during the summer, the silence that followed suggested they had been full of bluster, as football again became the focal point for Newcastle fans.

But this week, the rumblings around a takeover of the club have slowly and subtly crept there way back into the Newcastle United narrative.

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With the rumblings starting earlier in the week, the Chronicle have suggested sustained interest in buying Newcastle is a sign for fans to remain positive.

While many fans will refuse to believe such talk anymore, at least until they see the ink drying on the deeds, the fact it is reinserting itself into the conversations again, could suggest something is bubbling away below the surface.

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Now, do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting a change of ownership could be imminent, or that Mike Ashley has booked the removal men yet, but it does hint that with a decent first few months of the season, something could be in the offing around Christmas.

It could also intimate that there may indeed have been other genuine interest at the same time as the BZG fiasco, and they may still retain hope of taking the reigns in the not too distant future.


Newcastle fans will continue to dream

There are lots of ifs and buts, reading between the lines, and may all be mixed with a dash of wishful thinking, but if we did not at least have hope, what would we be left with?

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First and foremost, the football club needs results on the pitch, and if the threat of relegation is remote in December, that would be all the better as far as having a saleable asset.

There are no grounds to get carried away,, but there may still be a glimpse, a straw to clutch at, and a hope to cling on to, for fans who have called time on watching their beloved Newcastle.

The thought of those same fans returning, the reemergence of the magnificent flag displays, and a full, vibrant stadium is something genuinely worth being positive about!

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