After the initial frenzy of excitement, speculation and hope for fans regarding the possible takeover of Newcastle, last week was much more reserved and sedate for everyone.

On Sunday evening, however, a new report emerged containing a short, but positive, update from the Bin Zayed Group.

They approached the Chronicle to say it was “all good” and progress was going well, in a reassuring message for Newcastle supporters.

Whether we will hear anything more from the group, remains to be seen. Whether it entices the football club to finally make a statement, although highly unlikely, is similarly not known.

(Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

But as long as it is being played out in public, many fans will simply not climb aboard the takeover bandwagon, instead, refusing to get carried away, while waiting it out, in a bid to prevent yet more disappointment.

When a respected Newcastle writer like Mark Douglas puts something on Twitter, however, fans take notice.

A tweet from him, regarding the new remarks received a number of comments, and it was clear that a lot of fans are still not buying into the whole scenario.

It is hard to imagine that a group of renowned Middle Eastern businessmen would perform such a huge publicity stunt, if there was no foundation to it.

It would be such a massive own goal on their part, and would be embarrassing for the Bin Zayed Group as a whole.


And it is that reason why I think this time, it may well be different to previous takeover talk. However, not all fans agree.

Here are some of the responses to Mark’s tweet:

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