Steve Bruce had a dream of becoming Newcastle manager one day, and now he is, he must be thinking that dream is more like a living nightmare.

With every day that passes it seems that another pundit or ex-player is ripping into him, his system and his players.

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Of course criticism is part and parcel of being in charge of a high profile football club, and it is something that a manager is paid lots of money to take on the chin.

But it seems that it has been raised to a different level for Bruce, and it has got to a point where even I am starting to feel for the guy.

I was, and still remain, not a fan of his appointment. I, like most others, hoped desperately for a Rafa Benitez stay, but it did not happen.

After that, I hoped for a young, hungry appointment – I campaigned for as much in many, various articles on this platform.

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A Patrick Vieira, Mikel Arteta or Steven Gerrard would have been an appointment that had a chance to reunite a fractious fan-base.

But it was not to be – for whatever reason.

So we ended up with Bruce. The seemingly underwhelming, old-fashioned, Steve Bruce, with a poor record in the top division, and a list of previous clubs that needs to be written on a roll of till receipt.


But he is in charge now – like it or not. And whether you want to boycott over the appointment, or protest those who gave him the job, that’s fine.

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But some of the stuff written and spoken about him in the last few weeks has been too much.

The latest – Michael Chopra’s comments about what senior players have allegedly told him – is a case in point.

Why? Why come out with such a provocative, unhelpful comment?

All it is going to do is whip up the fan frenzy further, where some will agree with him, and others will not, with the result being yet more in-fighting among supporters.

Michael Chopra is not helping anyone

I think Chopra liked the praise and attention he got from his fight-back against talkSPORT – for which I applauded him.

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But now, he is sounding like a self-appointed spokesperson for the fans, and revelling in his new found notoriety, and trying to maintain the position by making claims he thinks will win him points with some supporters.

I have been, and will continue to be, critical of Bruce’s tactics when they are not working, or his mistakes over substitutions and formations.

But the level of accusations, claims and criticisms from some quarters have gone too far. The argument is against those that put him in the position – not Steve Bruce.

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