Newcastle fans are used to bad starts to a football season, and they are also used to being the subject of ridicule from pundits in the national media.

But Chris Sutton took ignorance to a new level on the BBC’s Football Daily Podcast (21 minutes onward) on Monday night, during which he launched an astonishing tirade at Newcastle fans.

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When asked by host Mark Chapman if he worried for Steve Bruce’s Newcastle future, Sutton said it was “absolutely ridiculous” after two games.

He added: “It’s ridiculous. I really feel for Steve Bruce. I think the Newcastle fans – and they’ve been through such a tough time – but there’s a section of them that need to get a grip of themselves and start backing the manager, and not have this negativity.

“What about giving a manager a chance? How can we really judge Steve Bruce fairly after just two games? It is utterly ridiculous!

“What benefit does it serve though, these fans being negative… bringing negativity into the stadium and booing the manager? I do not get that after two games.”

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There is so much wrong about his comments that it is hard to know where to start.

If someone is going to comment on what is happening at our club, for goodness sake, do some research.

Fans anger has always been aimed at the owner

Fans have been vocal against the owner. They have been vocal to say Bruce was not the best choice to replace Rafa Benitez. But they have at no point booed the new manager.

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Have they questioned his tactics? Of course they have, because they have not been good enough.

Have they questioned the lineups? Yes, because they have not played to our players’ strengths.


Are they worried about the future after watching the first couple of games? Definitely, because it is their club, and it matters to them all.

Have they openly booed Bruce during a game, or chanted for his sacking? Absolutely not.

As for bringing negativity into the stadium? There is only one person the fans are negative towards, and that is Mike Ashley.

The animosity is not against Bruce, and the quicker people who are paid to provide comment on clubs like ours realise that, the better.

As we have repeated numerous times now, and fans have gone to great lengths to emphasise, Steve Bruce is just an incidental cog in the broken machine that is Newcastle United.

Portraying fans as an impatient, angry mob baying for the manager’s blood after two games, without being able to back his completely inaccurate comments up with fact, is disgraceful.

All it does is continue to manipulate the misguided narrative of Newcastle fans to everyone outside the region who do not know what is going on.

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