The most recent takeover reports have conflicted each other, with one saying their is no bid on the table, and another adamant there is, leaving Toon fans, as ever, perplexed.

The Chronicle’s belief that no bid has been submitted, is at odds with comments made by the Bin Zayed Group (BZG) themselves, who insisted last month that a deal had been agreed.

A tweet from Peter Redding, a radio show host in the UAE, maintains BZG insisted to him that reports denying a bid has been made are “simply not true”.

It has left fans not knowing whether to laugh or cry. As usual, there are no official comments from either the football club, or the prospective buyers.

Despite a week of constant phone updating by fans, after promises of an imminent statement from the group, nothing has arrived.

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The result has meant fans are left with a depressing feeling, with fears of continued ownership from Mike Ashley becoming a real possibility.

Surely there has to be an easy answer?

I may be thinking to simplistically here, but if you have all those billions of pounds behind you, and you really want to own a football club, wouldn’t you just say to Ashley: “Look, here is £350, 380, 400 million, or whatever, and we’ll take it”?

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For a billionaire, surely the amounts being haggled over are like a drop in the ocean. If they want it badly enough… just show him the money and get it done!


It is like me paying £6.49 for a Whopper Meal, when I could get a Big Mac Meal for £4.69, but I really want the Whopper so don’t mind paying the extra for it.

It is unfair to fans that this situation continues to drag on, and on, and on, without any word from anyone despite expecting us to fork out for season tickets and merchandise.

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It is like the worst game of Cluedo ever: “I think it was Sheikh Khaled, with the £350m offer, in the football stadium?”

“Ermmm….we are not willing to confirm or deny that, so… no comment!”

There can be no winner in that scenario.

Fans need to be able to rejoice, and look forward to a future with hope; or lament, and prepare for the worst with dejection and dread.

It is time for action. It is time for answers. It is time for closure to the whole saga – one way, or the other.

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