With all the talk this morning being about Peter Kenyon’s reported bid for Newcastle, many fans may have missed one interesting nugget of news which was mentioned last night.

Sky Sports presenter, and Toon fan, Pete Graves was answering a question from a fellow fan on Twitter last night, when he dropped an old name into the conversation.

Asked if he knew anything about the Peter Kenyon ‘bid’, he admitted his understanding was it was a genuine attempt to buy the club, but then interestingly added “Amanda Staveley also retains an interest I’m told tonight”.

With much cynicism and ridicule over the Kenyon ‘bid’ since the news broke, particularly over the bizarrely inaccurate brochure, and whether they have the funds needed, the Staveley nugget should pique fans’ interest.

Having been dismissed by Mike Ashley as a time-waster, during her last attempt to purchase the club, that she has again been mentioned raises some questions.

Has Amanda Staveley been given encouragement from the club to try again?

Despite the claims of Ashley, Staveley always insisted her and PCP Capital Partners’ interest was genuine, and that she did have the necessary funds to push a deal through.

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So could it be that Mike Ashley or his representatives have approached Staveley, and actively encouraged her to come back to the table for a second time?

After the doubt over the validity of the Peter Kenyon claims, and the business model presented in the leaked document, the possibilty of PCP making another attempt should be more alluring for supporters.


If her previous assurances of investing millions into the infrastructure of the club, as well as making enough funds available to propel Newcastle to new levels, are still a reality, a bid from her group would sound much more palatable.

Was she one of the other parties linked in the summer?

When the Bin Zayed Group were making their outlandish statements over an agreed deal for the club in the summer, we were continually told of other interested parties behind the scenes, as mentioned by the Chronicle at the time [see live blog – 11.14].

Their identity was a close-guarded secret, with them not wanting to play their business out in public – which is the best way to do business.

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So was Staveley and PCP one of those interested parties, allegedly combing over the books – as they were supposedly doing in their initial bid.

If so, could this new leaked bid be a method of trying to expedite a bid from her, or a separate party?

Would Mike Ashley deal with her again after his previous comments?

If she is prepared to return to the table to talk about buying the club, and has not been actively approached by the current owner, the question remains of whether Ashley would be prepared to talk to her about the club again?

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In business, I suspect, walking away from deals, and blame and counter-blame will be commonplace, and is likely to be used in a ‘who will blink first’ game of cat and mouse.

I also suspect, Ashley – if the money is on the table – will deal with any genuine party, and despite his previous assurances that he would only sell to someone if they could take the club forward, he would sell to the first person that could meet his asking price, and parameters.

So from one throw-away line in a Tweet, it has opened the door to an intriguing and tantalising option, that could yet see Newcastle with a new owner, and it may not be Peter Kenyon after all.

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