Callum Wilson shares the only thing Eddie Howe will fine his players for
The only thing that Newcastle players get fined for according to Callum Wilson
Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

The only thing that Newcastle players get fined for according to Callum Wilson

Fines for footballers not following the manager’s rules are commonplace, but Callum Wilson has revealed the only thing that currently lands you with a fine at Newcastle United.

There are club rules which land players with fines if they breach, but managers also like to put in place their own fine system to set their own boundaries. These fines are often accumulated through the season and used for things such as end of season parties or donated to charity.

Eddie Howe‘s determination and focus on intensity would have suggested to me that there’d be a very impressive list of things that could land you with a fine, however Callum Wilson has revealed that’s not the case.

Turns out Eddie Howe is more chilled than we thought

Speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast as part of the ‘unfiltered’ section where listeners get to pitch their own questions, the hosts were asked about the strangest and biggest fines they’ve received, when Wilson said: “We only do late at the minute at Newcastle. We have a wheel, you spin it, on the wheel there’s figures and that’s what you have to pay. The biggest one is like three figures, it’s kept quite low-key.”

So it seems the only real pet peeve of Howe is showing up late. Much more relaxed than I’d have expected.

Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

However, Wilson did go on to talk about the fine system in place at Bournemouth, which will also have been under Eddie Howe, and it turns out things on the south coast were much more elaborate.

Bring back the alphabet wheel

“At Bournemouth before we had the same wheel for little things like leaving your jumper on the training field, not clearing your plate, leaving your slips in the shower, things like that.” said Wilson.

“You’d spin it and there’d be a letter, so you’d have the whole alphabet around this wheel and they’d have a sheet so when you spin it and you land on something you don’t know what you’re gonna get. So like, A could be academy night, so you’d have to go down the academy and take a training session. But B could be boy band, and you have to spin or pick people’s faces out of a hat and do a boy band in front of everybody. But that’s not here at Newcastle, that was at Bournemouth.“

With how much coverage we get behind the scenes from the club’s media team, I have to say I’m a bit gutted that this wheel isn’t in place at Newcastle. Imagine seeing a Loris Karius, Fabian Schar, Callum Wilson and Bruno Guimares boy band. They’d be able to sell calendars of that. They could do a Milli Vanilli and lip-sync their way to pop stardom.