Newcastle insist it is “business as usual” at St James’ Park the Chronicle have reported, following a teasing tweet from the often mishievous Richard Keys.

The former Sky Sports presenter posted on Twitter that it “could yet turn out to be a very good week for Newcastle fans” from what he was hearing, with the inference being it is something to do with a potential takeover of the club.

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Keys has often inserted himself into the Newcastle United conversation, particularly when it has something to do with Mike Ashley or the possible sale of the club.

His tweets are often found to be tedious by the Newcastle supporters, with them usually dismissing his comments as merely fishing for bites from fans.

The Chronicle, however, asked the club about his comments, and they report the club said: “We put Keys’ intriguing ‘It could be a very good week for NUFC fans’ to Newcastle United and they said it’s ‘business as usual’ as far as they’re concerned.”


So the latest update is: there is no update.

Newcastle fans hope that one day the rumours will be true

Fans are still waiting for the day when one of the supposed ‘updates’ will be confirmation of a deal going through, but after a summer of being led up the garden path by supposed interested parties, there is very little optimism of getting that.

So for now, fans are left wondering what Keys’ tweet was actually about, with the assumption of it being takeover-related.

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But his tweet was so ambiguous that he could simply say he was referring to the reported Jonjo Shelvey conract development, or literally anything else newsworthy.

I have long-since given up on a takeover happening, and have little time for any potential deal speculation being played out in the media anymore.

I have even less time for tweets on the subject from a personality who likes nothing more than getting under the skin of Newcastle fans, while offering nothing to substantiate his wild claims.

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