Newcastle United’s 2009/09 Player of the Season Sebastien Bassong has spoken of how he offered Andy Carroll out into the training ground carpark for a scrap.

Sebastian Bassong has admitted to being someone with a fiery temper having had dressing-room scraps at Newcastle, Tottenham and Norwich.

The former Cameroon defender spoke of his “altercations” on a recent episode of The Beautiful Game podcast where he mentioned a time when he offered out towering Newcastle forward Andy Carroll after training.

Bassong played a risky game with Andy Carroll

Bassong said he put himself in the middle of somebody else’s fight with Carroll as the two argued in the dressing room. Bassong said he told his unnamed team mate that if he really wanted to do something then there’s no point doing it in the dressing room with 20 other people around who will stop it instantly.

Speaking about altercations on the podcast he said: “I had one at Newcastle, that was with a team mate of mine, he was getting into a fight with Andy Carroll. Not me, a friend, but you know when you get into the dressing room and there’s always something to stop you.

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“I said “You guys, I don’t get it, you’re making a lot of noise.” You know that when you get into that argument it will never really go down like that. I said to my guy, tell him if you really want to do this you will meet outside and you will deal with your business.

Bassong hinted that the fight never actually took place

“Andy’s friend came and said “What you gonna do?” I said this is what we’ll do, tonight after training in the car park, me and my friend, you two. And for me I respected them because they came. I said to my friend “you started it, you might as well finish it”.”

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Bassong then went on to talk about how few people will follow through on an action they speak of in the heat of the moment, suggesting that the fight never actually took place and the unnamed player and Andy Carroll set their differences aside.

The defender left the club at the end of his first season at Newcastle in contentious fashion, and then just over a year later Andy Carroll moved to Liverpool for a British transfer record fee of £35million.

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