The never-ending Newcastle United takeover saga refuses to go away.

A lot of supporters believed the end was in sight when the Bin Zayed Group broke onto the scene in the summer. The future looked bright, with money to spend and a top manager calling the shots. We all know how that ended…

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And now Peter Kenyon is back in the mix. He initially emerged in September 2018, but was unable to conclude a deal. But reports suggest he is back with a fresh consortium, offering £125 million up front to buy the club from Mike Ashley in a deal that would eventually cost £300 million.

Fans are rightfully sceptical. We’ve seen takeover stories come and go, but Ashley has remained at the helm.

But how does Kenyon’s takeover attempt differ to the Bin Zayed Group? Well, in a Q and A, Chronicle reporter Mark Douglas has compared the two.

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When asked if Kenyon’s takeover attempts will lead to another BZG style saga, he wrote: “No, I don’t think so.


“There’s plenty to analyse for the next couple of days but Bin Zayed became a saga because of the void of information and other things going on.

“Newcastle have a game on Sunday and with the majority of fans so cynical, I don’t think there’s going to be much more mileage in this one unless Kenyon, Ashley or GACP come out and back it up.

“I’d expect it to be resolved fairly quickly if there’s substance to it. But I’ve been told not to expect a takeover anytime soon, so read into that what you will.”

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The last thing Newcastle fans want is another lengthy takeover saga that distracts from the more important matters at hand. During all the BZG talk, Rafa Benitez left the club. As Kenyon’s consortium comes into picture, Steve Bruce’s Magpies look desperate and a side heading for relegation.

Whether it’s good or bad news, we need a resolution quickly. It’ll most likely be bad news, because it always is when it comes to a Newcastle takeover.

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