Will the Newcastle United takeover saga ever end? Or are we destined for a lifetime of reports, claims, rumour and innuendo?

While arbitration is reportedly yet to begin, the talk surrounding the Newcastle takeover has ramped up in recent days.

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday night that Mike Ashley was closing the club’s retail store as it was one of the conditions of the Saudi takeover.

The Chronicle brought news on Wednesday that the government believed a deal was ‘imminent’ in June last year in emails between the DCMS and the Premier League.

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Hours later, the Daily Mail claimed that Mohammed Bin Salman had asked Boris Johnson to intervene last year, a story that was deemed front-page news.

The government have since denied that the Prime Minister was involved.

However, none of this will matter until arbitration is completed. And that process is yet to begin.

If arbitration goes in favour of the club, the Telegraph believe the deal will be re-submitted to the Premier League.


But what will happen if arbitration goes against Newcastle United?

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The Telegraph claim that while part of the agreement is to accept the results, Ashley may pursue other legal avenues, such is his determination to conclude this deal.

Is this wise though? At some point, surely the owner has to draw a line under things and accept the deal wasn’t to be.

The longer it drags on, the more the club suffers.

Ashley is committed to this deal and this deal only. But for all we know, there may be other parties who want to buy the club.

Of course, this is all hypothetical until arbitration is completed.

Until then, we sit and wait…and wait….and wait some more.

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