Joelinton drew another blank for Newcastle in Sunday’s draw with Wolves, but once again, he played most of the game isolated as a lone striker, which is not helpful.

Some fans are critical of the Brazilian, but in fairness to him, he is not being used in a role he is used to, and in a way that is never going to see him scoring goals.

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On BBC’s Match Of The Day 2 [BBC iPlayer – 59.28], it took Peter Crouch just two minutes to sum up the issues for Joelinton – something Steve Bruce has been unable to notice all season.

Speaking about Joelinton’s need for help, Crouch said: “I feel a little bit sorry for him.

“Those stats are bad reading, one goal and no assists in the front three, but I felt a little bit sorry for him at times.”

He then highlighted some passages of play where the 23-year-old was receiving long balls, and not having a supporting striker within 30 yards of him.

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He also showed that his teammates are not playing the ball to him in the right areas, which are the real reasons behind his current woes.


So the question must be asked: Why is the man being paid handsomely to coach and manage the side, not able to see these issues for himself?

Even many Newcastle fans know what the problem is

And it is not just the professional pundits and former players who can see it, the fans in the ground are constantly pointing out how little support he has.

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It adds fuel to the fire for supporters who questioned the managerial skill and ability of Bruce from the outset.

These are things a football manager is supposed to identify and correct. Bruce is doing neither, and makes you wonder if he even watches the games back afterwards.

Yes, Joelinton is clearly struggling, but in all honesty, it does not matter which player you put in that role, they will suffer the same fate.

These are footballing basics, and that Bruce cannot grasp the problem, is a very worrying sign indeed.

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