We might not have Rafa Benitez anymore, but at least we’ve got a shiny new kit!

That’s probably what the board thought would be the reaction today, as life without Benitez begins. While our manager is gone, there is a new toy at St James’ Park. It’s a new kit that the majority of fans don’t like. On top of that, it’s the most expensive in the Premier League.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United)

July 1st brought a statement from the now unemployed Benitez, talking about his desire to stay at the club and take it further. However, he made it clear that the hierarchy did not have the same ambitions. But we knew that already.

And how do the club respond? By advertising the new kit, of course.

At 9.35am, Newcastle United posted this tweet:

“Form an orderly queue” the tweet says, with a somewhat sarcastic face-palm emoji. Even they know that literally nobody will be queuing up to buy the new kit, which is available for £60 from the club’s official website, boasting an incredible £5 off!

Firstly, it just shows that money is the only thing that matters. The first word from the club following Benitez’s official departure is an advert for a hideous kit that costs a fortune.

Secondly, even they aren’t taking it seriously. The fact they put a face-palm emoji says it all. They see the anger from fans. But what does it even mean? Are they showing some self-awareness by insinuating that they know this won’t go down well with fans?

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Are they being told to play things down by someone higher up? Who knows what’s going on.

There is still no clarity regarding a takeover. The fans are totally in the dark. The only thing for certain is that Rafa Benitez is no longer manager of Newcastle United. And the blame lies solely at the door of Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley.

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