With all the furore surrounding the departure of Rafa Benitez on Monday, the potential takeover took a back seat in the Newcastle United narrative.

New questions will now be asked of the Bin Zayed Group (BZG), in light of the latest developments at St James’ Park.

The main one being: Will Rafa leaving affect a potential purchase?

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According to the reporter who broke the takeover story initially, it will not.

Justin Allen took to Twitter to offer hopeful fans a teaser of an update, reassuring them that the “takeover process is still in motion”, before adding that he could add nothing more than that.

Never has a new owner been needed at Newcastle more than now.

It is time for BZG to prove they mean business

The ball is very much in the BZG court now, and their next move is being eagerly anticipated by fans, who are not sure whether to be optimistic or dismissive about the alleged bid.

But the time for words from the Middle East is over, and it is time to see some real action if fans are to believe that a change is in the offing.

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After a flurry of comments and statements – none of which received any kind of acknowledgement or retort from the football club – everything has fallen silent recently.

Dubious fans assume any deal has fizzled out – if it was ever really alive in the first place – whereas others point to Non-Disclsure Agreements being in place, preventing further comment.

But something needs to give, and it needs to give quickly, if the Toon’s summer of discontent is to be salvaged.


The latest update received a mixed response from fans, and we have picked out a few of them:

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