Following the defeat to Manchester United, Isaac Hayden reiterated his desire to leave Newcastle United.

The midfielder reportedly asked to leave the club during the summer for family reasons, but was denied a departure from St James’ Park.

With the transfer window open once again, the former Arsenal player has told the media that he still intends to head back down south when asked about his future.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United)

“My family, my partner and daughter will always come first,” Hayden told the Chronicle.

“Football is football but family is more important.

“The club have had conversations already. Hopefully a solution can be found.”

What Hayden has said is completely fair. Family is more important. We’re not trying to bash a player for wanting to leave the club.

However, his openness about leaving reiterates the fact that he needs to be sold as quickly as possible. Hayden’s mindset is elsewhere, despite breaking back into the side over the festive period.

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Hayden needs to be replaced before he can go

The one issue with selling him is that we’d need a replacement before he leaves. There is no way that Rafa Benitez will risk letting the 23-year-old go before a new midfielder is through the door. Otherwise we could end January weaker than we started it, which is a terrifying though.

The quicker this is resolved, the better.

The more Hayden has to play, the more his attitude will be questioned. He put in a great performance against Watford, but a less than impressive display against Manchester United had some fans grumbling that he doesn’t want to be there.

The quicker someone comes in, the bigger impact they can have. Whoever comes in will have more hunger than Hayden to play for Newcastle right now, which is exactly what we need.

There are no issues with Hayden wanting to leave for the benefit of his family, he is only human. Newcastle need to do what is best for the club and replace him as soon as possible.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images)

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