Newcastle fans react to reported 'punishment' for the Premier League 'big six' over ESL fiasco

Newcastle fans react to reported 'punishment' for the Premier League 'big six' over ESL fiasco

Newcastle United fans have reacted furiously to the reported punishment that the Premier League’s ‘big six’ will receive for attempting to join a European Super League.

According to Sky News, the six clubs will pay a fine of around £20million in total. That equates to about £3.5million each. For reference, that’s the fee Newcastle paid for Fabian Schar back in 2018.

If any of the six clubs attempt a similar breakaway in the future, the sanctions will reportedly be much more severe.

Sky News state that if there was a repeat, clubs would face a fine of more than £20million, and they could be docked 30 Premier League points.

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But as it stands, all that Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham have to do is pay a fine of around £3.5million.

For those clubs, it’s a nominal amount of money. It’s barely even a slap on the wrist for what they tried to.

Lest we forget, what they attempted to do could have ruined football as we know it.

Even more shockingly, the Daily Mail state that the ‘big six’ have been involved in deciding what kind of punishment they would face.

Since when have you been able to decide your own punishment?

I don’t get to decide what fine I pay if I break the speed limit. A footballer doesn’t decide how many games he’s suspended for if he’s sent off.

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A football club should not be allowed to influence how they are punished for a crime that threatened to take the game away from fans.

Newcastle have had their own problems with the Premier League

This comes in the week that the Premier League must respond to Newcastle’s anti-competition claim. They have until June 11th to respond, after receiving an extension from the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

On the same day that the club’s latest legal battle was made public, Mike Ashley alluded to the ‘dark forces’ that were stopping the club from being taken over.

When Newcastle’s takeover collapsed last year, the Athletic reported that sources close to the consortium believed the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham had lobbied against the deal.

In the aftermath of the European Super League, it looked like the ‘big six’ would lose the power they held over the Premier League.

Henry Winter stated on Twitter that one club official told him: “No more big six b*llocks.”

However, it looks like that isn’t the case.

Rather than a hefty fine or docked points, the alleged ‘big six’ have been given a limp tap on the wrist and told not to do it again, otherwise they’ll be in trouble…maybe…probably not.

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Newcastle fans can’t believe the ‘punishment’ the ‘big six’ have received from the Premier League
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