Newcastle United’s potential kits for next season have spread like wildfire over social media this weekend, and some supporters aren’t impressed.

Photos of never before seen Newcastle kits appeared all across Twitter on Friday afternoon, claiming to be the leaked pictures of Puma’s 2019/2020 design.

Website OFOBAll were the first to leak the pictures, which included Newcastle’s potential new home, away, goalkeeper and change kit.

It’s not known whether the pictures are genuine yet, but the website tweeted them alongside kit leaks for a number of other European clubs.

An official announcement won’t be made until the summer, leaving supporters to speculate on the shirt’s authenticity.

However that hasn’t stopped them weighing in with their verdicts.

Newcastle fans react to ‘leaked’ kit photos

A good season can improve a kit

New kits are never usually met with much fanfare. It’s no surprise that the majority of supporters have slated this one before it’s even reached the shelves.

But a good season for Newcastle often changes kit opinions in a heartbeat. If these are genuine designs, Puma won’t be too worried.

Newcastle’s 2011/2012 shirt was initially met with a lot of criticism due it’s lack of stripes, but a memorable run to fifth in the Premier League soon made it a fan favourite.

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Fans have also taken a liking to retro shirts recently, with Brown Ale shirts now commonplace at St James’ Park.

Supporters can’t help but feel nostalgic as the form of the first team continues to wane.

Even if they are arguably nicer kits, it’s probably not a coincidence that most of these retro shirts are from some of the Toon’s most successful seasons.

If Newcastle suddenly found themselves at the top of the table next season, there would be plenty of people queueing up for a new kit.

(Photo by Gary M Prior/Allsport/Getty Images)

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