Rafa Benitez has been spotted back at Newcastle, but apparently it means nothing.

Reports from the likes of the Chronicle on Monday afternoon came out that the manager was back at the club’s training ground, with Sky Sports cameras catching him entering the building.

Some eagle-eyed fans even took note of Rafa’s attire, believing his suit was the same one that he wore when he signed his last contract with the Magpies.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images)

But according to Sky Sports’ Keith Downie, Benitez’s trip to the training ground has nothing to do with his contract stalemate or the ongoing takeover saga.

Fans are jumping on anything and everything right now, which is understandable. The club’s stance of ‘no comment’ on literally everything is getting more and more infuriating as the days of silence increase.

From Sports Direct signs being removed to UAE planes reportedly heading to Newcastle, fans have been trying to dig out their own information during the club’s silence. It seems like everyone is a detective nowadays…

The clock is ticking on Benitez’s contract though. The 30th of June is getting closer, which means a Rafaless Newcastle is on the horizon.

Supporters had hoped that the Spaniard’s presence at the training ground was a sign of a resolution, but apparently not.

(Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images)

Benitez’s return gets fans talking once again

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