Another January transfer window is nearing it’s close, and for Newcastle United, it’s been another disappointing month of inactivity.

Time is running out for the club to bring in fresh talent, and a lot of Newcastle fans have already given up hope.

But what makes things particularly upsetting this time around is that the future of Rafa Benitez now hangs in the balance.

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The Telegraph reported on Wednesday that beloved manager Benitez will leave the club at the end of the season if no new players are signed during this window.

Although there has been plenty of rumoured loan moves since this report, some Newcastle supporters are still not happy.

Many of them are under the impression Benitez will leave at the end of the season no matter what, and none of them are looking forward to what might happen there after.

With the future of the club looking bleak, life-long fans are beginning to cancel their season tickets in their droves.

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‘Heartbreaking it’s come to this’: Newcastle fans cancel season tickets

Sad times for Newcastle

It’s upsetting to see so many Newcastle supporters giving up on the club.

The Toon has had it’s ups and downs during the Ashley era, but the ups have admittedly been brief.

The club faces it’s third relegation in a decade this year, and for many fans it’s just too much to take.

Throughout the 90’s and early 00’s Newcastle were consistently a top four side and one of the most ambitious Premier League teams.

But all that has slowly changed.

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What hurts most for the supporters is that there is no reason for the club to be struggling, as even just a small investment in the transfer window would likely improve the squad tenfold.

Benitez’s lack of support this term has felt like the final nail in the coffin. Where do Newcastle possibly turn to after Rafa?

There’s still a few days to go and there’s hope things can change.

But until they do, season ticket cancellations will only increase in the coming days.

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