People from around the world of football have weighed in on the current state of Newcastle United. Most side with Rafa Benitez, who has taken a new job in China with Dalian Yifang. Then you’ve got Richard Keys…

The former Sky Sports presenter has always leapt to the defence of Mike Ashley, consistently berating Benitez whilst sitting alongside Andy Gray, another former Sky Sports employee.

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And every time Keys opens his gob about Newcastle, you get fans biting back at him on Twitter. He’s commented on the current situation, claiming that Benitez left St James’ Park for the money.

Benitez himself has admitted that money did play a part in his decision. But that’s not the point.

The reason he didn’t stay at Newcastle was the owner’s lack of ambition to take the club forward. Benitez saw where Newcastle United could go, whereas Mike Ashley is happy to simply survive and reap the rewards.

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Like always, fans have taken to Twitter to let Keys know that he couldn’t be more wrong. But maybe we should be taking the opposite approach: Just ignore him.

He’s like the footballing equivalent to Piers Morgan. He says controversial things to get a rise and hopefully stay relevant. Even if he honestly believes what he’s saying, his opinion isn’t worth a thing.

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The likes of TalkSPORT, Dennis Wise and Richard Keys and anyone else of that ilk don’t deserve our attention. Let them live in their world of blissful ignorance, doing all they can to stay in people’s thoughts. Whether they’re positive or negative (99% of the time it’s the latter), they’re not bothered.

Don’t give them the satisfaction. And yes, I’m aware of the complete hypocrisy here by writing an article on that man…

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