Michail Antonio and Callum Wilson finally spoke after Newcastle United’s 5-1 battering of West Ham last week which saw Wilson bag a brace against his podcast co-host’s side.

Callum Wilson‘s silky macarena moves were the talk of the Toon last week when the Newcastle striker scored his first goal against West Ham. He and West Ham’s Michail Antonio had made a bet on the Footballer’s Football Podcast going into the game that if either of them scored they would do the macarena in the other’s face.

Unfortunately for Wilson, Antonio was nowhere to be seen when his first goal went in so he did the dance in front of the fans instead. In fact, Wilson didn’t get to speak to Antonio until this week’s podcast as Antonio just didn’t want to deal with the grief.

Wilson spends the entirety of the opening few minutes laughing at Antonio

In a desperate attempt to derail Wilson’s gloating, Antonio shifted the attention to another Newcastle man instead, praising him for doing all the hard work – Newcastle’s £12million winger, Jacob Murphy.

Antonio tries to downplay Wilson’s involvement saying: “Second half, man just gets a treat, a present!”

Newcastle United v Brentford FC - Premier League
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Wilson, laughing, interrupts:- “Wilson again”

At this point Antonio is getting agitated and says: “I wouldn’t even call that Wilson. It was Murphy. Murphy gave it to you, beautiful. Like well done Murphy, well done. Amazing.”

The banter between the two strikers each week is brilliant, but when they come face to face on the pitch it ramps up to the next level. Wilson was clearly enjoying himself this week, much to Antonio’s disgust, with him going on to say: “All I can say is, I couldn’t speak to this guy. He was sending me messages on Instagram, everything. I am not talking to this boy at all. I couldn’t speak to him at all. I was fuming. Fuming!”

You’d think Antonio would know better at this point

The first seven minutes of the podcast mainly consisted of Wilson giggling and Antonio raging.

The thing is, Antonio should know better at this point. Wilson loves scoring against the Hammers. Taking that kind of bet with him was an exercise in stupidity. He only has himself to blame.

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