Newcastle United’s big summer signing Sandro Tonali has come in for a lot of criticism on social media from rival fans and devastated AC Milan supporters for not smiling in his announcement media after signing.

Since Sandro Tonali arrived in Newcastle and was snapped walking down the steps of the jet onto the hallowed ground of North East England it has been rumoured that he “doesn’t want to be here” owing to the fact that he never smiled.

Obviously there has since been plenty of proof to the contrary but now Callum Wilson has shed some light on the situation on the Footballer’s Football Podcast.

Michail Antonio asked for clarification on the Tonali rumours

Michael Antonio brought up the subject saying to Wilson: “I saw something online and I honestly don’t get what it means. I wanted to ask you. It said Tonali doesn’t even want to be here, yet he’s managed to score. What is that about?”

Wilson was keen to put this story to bed, finally saying: “First and foremost, throughout July, landing in Newcastle – I wouldn’t have been smiling either! It’s been raining 24/7. But he’s come from Milan, it’s totally different football and culture, he’s born and bred around that area so that’s his team.

Newcastle United v Aston Villa - Premier League
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“Football moves on so quickly and ultimately his ability needs to be showcased in the Premier League. He’s quite a laidback and cool character anyway and he’s one of them where you have to get to know him a bit and then get a smile out of him.

“There’s people saying he doesn’t want to be there and blah, blah, blah. His performance spoke a thousand words, he put in a man of the match display, ran the game from minute one, scored early. You could see his ability and when he did score he was happy, smiling. And then after the game he was buzzing, then he was back to his chilled, reserved self.

“It’s difficult for him. He’s not got much English going on at the minute. He’s in a new country, learning a different language, in a different environment. He’s not going to be the Sandro he is around his own people and his own friends but that will come.” 

I’m glad someone has spoken out on this finally. For me, if he didn’t want to be here he wouldn’t have learned English as quickly as he has, he wouldn’t be putting in the effort that he is. A man of the match performance on Saturday and his face when he scored should have absolutely put all of this to bed.

Newcastle fans know the truth about Tonali and will use the rival’s tears as fuel

It’s clearly all coming from a place of fear from rival fans who are terrified of how good he is and how much he improves Newcastle, and it’s the AC Milan fans who are devastated at losing him – and that I can understand.

Newcastle United v Aston Villa - Premier League
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The bottom line is, he’s a Newcastle player and he’s already proved that he’s got what it takes to be a huge success.

Let the tears flow, we’ll use them as fuel.

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