Lee Charnley believes that spending money on the team is more important than improving the training ground.

In an interview with the Sun following the club’s accounts being released, Charnley went on to discuss plans for the training ground, and where he stands on the situation.

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“We are looking at a training ground project that is potentially going to be between £15m and £20m,” he said.

“But if you were to ask me now, do I think we are best served spending £15m to £20m on a new training facility or spending £15m to £20m on improving the team, today in the short-term, I think that money is best spent on the team.

“In the future that is something we probably want to look at – but it’s just about priorities and timing.”

Why not both, Mr Charnley?

Charnley makes a fair point.

Most supporters would rather see £20million spent on a player rather than improving the training ground.

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While improving our facilities will help us in the long run, it’s all about the here and now.

But why can’t we do both? Why can’t we invest money in the current Newcastle squad as well as improving our facilities in order to enhance our future?

The contract saga surrounding Rafa Benitez has been tiring, but it largely comes down to money. Benitez wants to be able to improve his squad and have Newcastle competing higher up the table.

But he also wants to see changes to the club’s academy. We don’t see many players graduate from the academy, with Sean Longstaff being the first player to do so for years.

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Benitez has a long term vision for Newcastle, but it appears that the hierarchy are much more shortsighted.

Will Charnley’s worlds help or hinder Benitez in the pursuit of a new contract?

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