Fabian Schar will miss Newcastle’s next game against Arsenal due to suspension, and he is now being forced to sit out the next Switzerland fixture.

The defender was at the centre of a horrific moment on Saturday afternoon. The Swiss took on Georgia in a Euro 2020 qualifier, with the Magpies centre-back starting the game.

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After a collision in the 24th minute with Jemal Tabidze, Schar was knocked unconscious. Georgia’s Jano Ananidze immediately rushed over to help Schar and stopped him swallowing his tongue.

Despite being knocked out, Schar incredibly returned to the pitch and completed the game. Afterwards, he admitted that he does not remember a thing.

It was ludicrous that he was allowed to play on, and brings the treatment of head injuries in football into question once again.

Switzerland’s next game is against Denmark, but Schar will not be allowed to play.

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Schar responds to being ruled out

Following the news that he can’t play, the 27-year-old has responded on his official Instagram account.

“As you probably know, tomorrow I will not be allowed to play against Denmark,” he wrote.

“I really wanted to play and, as always, give everything to the team and Switzerland. But unfortunately this time the decision is not in my hands, but was imposed on me by FIFA for health reasons.”

Schar added: “Anyone who knows me knows how I feel and how much I would like to play.”

While his desire to play against Denmark is admirable, it has correctly been taken out of his hands. He never should have played on in the first place.

With his Premier League suspension half completed, Schar’s next chance at a competitive game will be April 6th against Crystal Palace.

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That gives him a lengthy period of time to recover from the horrific incident. Hopefully by then he his back to feeling his best, producing some trademark long balls and sublime dribbles from defence.

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