Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has had his say on the potential Saudi-led Newcastle United takeover.

Everyone else has had their say, so why not a senior government official?

The MP appeared on Sky News on Thursday morning, and away from the usual questions about the global health pandemic, he was also asked to give his opinion on whether or not Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund should be able to buy Newcastle.

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“It’s right that we welcome engagement, investment into football in this country, everyone’s pleased to see the Premier League back up and running,” he said.

“But also that there all legal safeguards to make sure it’s done a proper way.

“This country is an open and outward looking country. We’ve got investment from all round the world. But you’re right, we do need the safeguards in place.”

Will the government intervene?

A politician gives a politician’s answer.


Raab didn’t give much away, but at the end of the day it’s not his decision on whether or not the takeover goes ahead.

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There has been talk of the government interfering, but that would surely be difficult to do. As Raab said, this country has investment from all over, with one of those places being Saudi Arabia.

It would be highly hypocritical for the government to stop a takeover from a nation that they have dealings with themselves.

In fact, just last week Raab tweeted his thanks to Saudi Arabia after a PPE donation.

The argument of whether a country should be able to own a football club is up for debate itself, but that’s already happening with Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi owners.

In the end, the decision will remain with the Premier League. But how much longer will they make us wait for an answer?

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