Former Newcastle defender Daryl Janmaat has caused quite a stir this week.

The Dutchman left the Magpies in 2016, featuring in the club’s opening two Championship games before joining Watford.

He was part of the side that were relegated, but managed to get himself back to the Premier League immediately.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images)

So while Janmaat hasn’t been associated with Newcastle for a couple of years, for some reason he’s decided to take a swipe at the fans.

What has Janmaat said?

The defender was present at Watford’s recent fan forum, which was covered by WD18, a Watford fan channel.

He was asked to comment on the atmosphere at Vicarage Road and responded: “It’s massively different to my former club. Newcastle fans expect too much and can moan quickly.”

While Ben Foster gave a professional answer, banter-merchant Janmaat had a pop at his former supporters.

Why Janmaat has no right to criticise supporters

He joined the club in 2014, spending two tough seasons in the North East. The first nearly ended in relegation, and the second actually did.

So for him to say Newcastle fans expect too much is a bit of a joke. Sorry Daryl, heaven forbid we didn’t want to go down.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images)

Now this was a player that went into the ‘arm-flapper’ category. Rather than putting in good performances and fulfilling his duties, he would flap his arms to egg on the crowd, much like Aleksandar Mitrovic did. A very annoying trait from players who weren’t actually playing that well.

A typical modern full-back, Janmaat would bomb on forwards, but then lightly jog back while the opposition exploited the space he had left after his pathetic cross into the box.

Then there was the game against Southampton. Janmaat came off in the first half due to a ‘groin injury’, then punched a wall resulting in two broken fingers. That injury ruled him out for most of the rest of the season, and by the time he returned the Magpies were down.

Janmaat didn’t have the bottle or attitude to play for a club like Newcastle.

(Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images)

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